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Red Stick Notaries, LLC

John D. Hewitt - Notary Public

Red Stick Notaries is a one-man professional firm wholly owned by John D. Hewitt, Notary Public. That’s me smiling at you just to the left. I became a Louisiana Notary a few years ago after serving many years as a consultant to and CFO of owner-operated businesses.

I hold a lifetime appointment as a Notary Public with authority to provide notarial services statewide in Louisiana. I am also listed by the National Association of Notaries as a Certified Notary Signing Agent tested and qualified to facilitate real estate finance closings. In that capacity I have managed several hundred such closings in the last few years.

I’m glad to be able to provide notary services to you either in my home office near LSU, or as a Mobile Notary at a location of your choice. I try to meet clients between the hours of 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (1:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Sundays).

As a Mobile Notary, I travel at no extra charge to any location within about a two mile radius of my office or LSU (Click on the “Location” link above to view this service area.) Travel to more distant destinations results in a fee increase of about fifty cents a mile.

Meeting at my office provides the convenience of having a computer, printer and photocopier readily available. In fact, when working out of my office I am pleased to be able to provide extra copies of notarized documents at no additional charge.

“One stop” Mobile Notary services are pretty much limited to notarizing documents already prepared by others, and documenting titled vehicle transfers with either a Bill of Sale or Act of Donation (forms for which I normally carry with me at all times).

Vehicle Transfers:
For titled vehicle transfers, I ask that both the buyer and seller be present. For vehicle donations, two adult witnesses are also required. The seller or donor needs to bring the vehicle title. When the transfer is complete, both buyer (or donee) and seller (or donor) will carry with them a notarized Bill of Sale or Act of Donation. The new owner then takes the vehicle title showing the transfer with the Bill of Sale or Act of Donation to the Office of Motor Vehicles for license, registration and payment of sales tax.

Documents Drawn by Notary:
Other acts may require a document or documents which in Louisiana may be drafted by the Notary Public, then executed, witnessed and notarized. To complete such acts will normally require an initial personal fact-finding visit, followed by at least one day for me to prepare the necessary document(s), then another meeting to review and execute the completed document(s).

Family and Personal Matters:
Paternity, matrimonial agreement, emancipation, adult adoption, custody, covenant marriage, conditional procuration (conditional power of attorney), declaration of disability, living will, last will and testament, testamentary trust, living irrevocable trust, affidavit, small succession, mandate (power of attorney), public inventory of succession property (procês verbal), inventory of abandoned safety deposit box contents.

Real Estate:
Cash sale, donation, bond for deed, mortgage, promissory note, partition, servitude (easement), legal description, laborer’s lien, materialman’s lien.

Business Entities:
Formation and registration of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, together with appropriate assumed name certificates, trade names, articles, operating agreements, by-laws and certificates.